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    Create Task

    Please customise this area in the your language file......etc

    1. Under the "Task Options" sub-section - click Create Task.
    2. Select the appropriate "Task Manager Group"
    3. Change the "Task Priority" to reflect the following criteria:
    Priority Target Response Time Target Resolution Time Example
    Critical 15 Minutes 1 Hour ... server(s),network, or phone system down ...
    High 30 Minutes 2 Hours ... cannot print, login, or remember my password ...
    Medium 2 Hours 4 Hours ... getting a lot of pop-ups, pda will not synchronize, ...
    Low 1-2 Day(s) As time permits ... my favorites are gone, getting low toner warning ...

    Priority Levels for Helpdesk Requests
    Critical Critically impacting operation and related IT services of the entire college.
    High Likely to prevent a large number of people from doing necessary work in a reasonable time, or preventing an individual from doing High priority work now.
    Medium Causing inconvenience for one person or small group of people that may prevent completion of necessary work in the near future.
    Low Will provide for a better working environment and/or a more efficient method in the longer term.

    1. Your username, email, office and phone extension will already be filled in.
    2. Choose the best "Task Group" and "Category" to suit your query. General categories are available from the drop down list.
    3. Enter the subject of you problem into the "Short Description" field.
    4. In the "Description" area, enter as much information as possible, there should be too much rather than too little.
    5. Attach a file if relevant (error messages, screenshots etc.)
    6. Now, check that the information entered is correct and click the "Create Task" button. If you have made a mistake (and have not yet pressed "Create Task"), you can clear the form by clicking "Reset" and starting again.
    7. If the Task has been submitted successfully, you will receive a "Task" number.
    8. You can review the status or update your Task at any time by logging in and selecting My Open Tasks
    My Open Tasks
    To view a list of your open tasks and check the status of work undertaken to resolve the reported issue, click My Open Tasks

    To view detailed information about each open task, click on the "Short Description". Note that once a task has been assigned, the IT task managers username is shown. You can also see the task number, the date the task was created and what status the task currently has. Once you have clicked on the "Short Description" you will see your task in full, and any comments or actions taken by the task managers. Here you can also add updates if a task manager has requested further information.

    My Closed Tasks
    This page allows you to view all tasks that have been resolved and closed. You can also leave feedback from this area (see below).

    Task Search
    This page allows a user to search through their existing open, or closed tasks. This is handy if a user wants to quickly find information on a previously resolved issue without submitting another task.

    Once a task is closed, it is possible to leave feedback about how your task was dealt with and comment on your support experience. Please leave feedback so that the task managers can determine how they can improve their services.

    Click on My Closed Tasks to access the feedback feature.

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